Inbound Marketing for Traditional Marketers: A Beginner’s Guide To Delighting Customers

by Nadege Chandon



Are you coming from the world of “traditional” marketing and looking to make the transition into the digital world?

Are you unhappy with the quality of leads your team is generating for the sales department?

Are you overwhelmed with the wealth of information surrounding both digital and inbound marketing, and do not know where to start from?

If you answer yes to any (or all) of this, then this book is for you. I was once in your position, and I know the trouble I went through while trying to wrap my head around the concept of digital marketing.I wrote this book so that you won’t have to go through the same.

Inbound Marketing for Traditional Marketers is a book that was born out of my passion for marketing, and I promise it will take you from zero to hero in your marketing game.

The way consumers research and shop for products and services have changed dramatically, and we have digital technology to thank for that.

Leveraging the same technology, this book will teach you how to attract and convert highly targeted leads for your Sales department.

In this book, you will learn:

  • The fundamental basics of inbound marketing including the inbound philosophy and methodology
  • The 7-step guide to building the perfect inbound marketing strategy
  • How to convert inbound traffic into revenue
  • The best tools and resources available for your inbound marketing success

Inbound Marketing For Traditional Marketers is a must-have book for marketers who want to make the transition into digital marketing and are looking for an efficient and simple way to start their journey using tried and true inbound marketing strategies.

Pick up your copy of Inbound Marketing For Traditional Marketers: A Beginners Guide To Delighting Customers today to learn the strategies modern marketers are using to generate high-quality leads that will make your Sales team happy.

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